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New Arranging and Rehearsing A Band Whiteboard Course

Very excited about the following new Whiteboard Worship Training Series we just released.

I trust it can serve you and your church.

New! Arranging & Rehearsing A Band Course

Introducing the Whiteboard Worship Training series with Dan Wilt.
  • Concise video clips on practical topics.
  • Expert advice from worship instructor Dan Wilt.
  • Train yourself and your worship team in less time.
Run Rehearsals. Arrange Bands. Create Flow.

This Whiteboard Worship Training course with Dan Wilt features videos on how to run effective rehearsals, arrange small and large bands, create flow and transitions and much more. Get better at both working your band, and creating great musical spaces for worship in your church.

Course Includes The Following Videos
  1. How To Lead A Great Worship Band Rehearsal (3:40) – FREE
  2. How To Encourage Your Band To Arrive On Time (3:02)
  3. How To Arrange A Small Band (5:49)
  4. How To Use Loops And Laptops In A Small Church (4:53)
  5. How To Arrange A Large Band (12:30)
  6. How To Do Arrangements For Small Group Worship (7:54)
  7. How To Rehearse Worship Song Intros (5:10)
  8. How To Rehearse Worship Song Outros (3:57)
  9. How To Establish Flow And Transitions In A Worship Set (3:24)
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Dan Wilt, M.Min. is an artist, author, musician, educator, songwriter, communicator, and spiritual life writer. With 20+ years in the Vineyard family of churches, he serves in various ways to further a “New Creation” centered vision of the Christian life through media.