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Does Anyone Really Care About Your Success?

One of the truisms about success, is that when you achieve it, very few people will understand or care what you went through to make it.  They won’t know about the long nights, the early mornings, the rejections, the failures, the re-writes, the financial problems, or the loneliness.  They see the result, and that’s pretty much it.  So start right now to realize that very few (if anyone) will know how much success means to you, or what it cost.  The Israelites grumbled at Moses despite everything he did for them, few of Thomas Edison’s friends knew about the 10,000 failures that went into inventing the light bulb, and very few understand the long hours, hard training, and pain that an Olympic champion endures.

But do it anyway.

During your most difficult times, your spouse may criticize you because he or she doesn’t see the anguish you’re experiencing, your co-workers aren’t aware of the extra hours you put into the project, or your best friends will feel ignored.

But you understand.  You know the price you paid.  Most others weren’t there in the trenches, so you can’t really expect them to understand.   It will hurt that they don’t, but don’t stop and don’t give up.  And most of all, don’t hold it against them.

The audience of one matters.