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Stop Looking for the “Secrets” of Life

In my blog Saturday about Harold Camping and his disastrously wrong prediction about the end of the world, I received a response from my friend, an actor who’s currently on Broadway, Fred Applegate. As usual, Fred cut right to the heart of the matter – the incredible yearning we have to find “secrets” and “keys” to life. Here’s what Fred wrote:

What I find most disturbing about this, and so many other modern Christian idiocies is that so many people are so easily lead into believing that there is some kind of hidden message in the Bible that will only be revealed to a select few.   I find the whole idea that we have to somehow “rediscover” God’s message a little suspect, and that He made His message obscure and confusing, an interesting modern psychology.  Christ’s teachings are remarkably simple and concise: truly living them is nearly impossible, and usually quite uncomfortable.  We know what God said, and we still can’t get it right, and so, we desperately look for some heretofore unknown or unknowable obstacle to serve as our excuse.   Belief in “Rapture” is the ultimate escape from the hard work of living a Christlike life in a hostile world.

Fred got it right – and it’s not just about Christianity. Look at a local bookstore. The religion, self-help, business, health, and other sections are filled with books about discovering untold secrets, miracle keys, hidden principles and more.  Millions of people spend their lives looking for a miracle weight loss cure.

The truth is, life is difficult, but the information is out there and it’s just not that hard to find.

It’s not about finding a secret that will change everything – it’s about living it out day to day.