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If Marketing Is A Letter, Your Pitch Is The P.S.

I regularly harp on the idea of needing to think differently about marketing and promotions once you decide to adopt a social media strategy. Here’s another way to think about it if it’s still a little fuzzy to you. Consider this:

What if every promotion, campaign, or marketing event were a handwritten letter.

The letter written by traditional marketing is formal but nice in a “let’s get down to business sort of way.”

Traditional marketing spends the bulk of the letter telling of its uses, features and benefits. The letter is all about them and what they do.

Its P.S. is a coupon or promotional code.

The letter written by social media is different.

Its letter is not about features and benefits, rather it’s about me and something I find interesting. I’m the subject of the letter.

The P.S. is different too. It’s a mere mention of something I would be interested in. They just happen to sell it.

Every day our marketing efforts write a letter to the people we want to reach. We either spend the letter selling or we spend the letter giving them something they’ll find valuable. Examine your recent marketing “letters” and see who the subject is. Are they all about you or are you letters about (and for) the people you want to be reaching?

In social media the pitch doesn’t need to be more than a P.S. If you’ve done your job well that’s all you should have to say.

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Bill Seaver founded MicroExplosion Media in fall 2007 and has been blogging since June 2006. Bill has consulted numerous organizations to help them understand and apply social media into their marketing initiatives. He's led seminars, corporate training sessions, and numerous social media campaigns to include blog strategy and development, Google AdWords, podcasts, online video strategy, widget development, social media marketing campaigns, blogger networks, and social networking campaigns.