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Here Is How You Can Help Us Fix International Adoption

Let me introduce you to Craig and my friends at Both Ends Burning.
I have teamed up with them as Ambassador.
Yes. I am looking for my ambassador suit as I type.
The points I shared above can be more deeply explored here.

This is not a “sponsor an orphan” hustle.
This is not a “let’s get one more family to adopt” push.
This is not a let’s raise money for baby X to come home.
This is about fixing the whole thing.
We want to take our petition to congress and beyond to show them that there are people who care about the global orphan crisis.
Not just about bringing one orphan home.
Please sign the petition here…
That is a start, but the issues are much bigger.
Would you PLEASE share about this movement in all your spaces.
Online and off. Facebook, twitter, and blogs.
Thanks friends. It means the world.
And that is not a stretch to say.

Do you want to or have you ever adopted?
Can you please tweet and share this on your facebook and twitter worlds? Thanks!