Missing You

You’re group’s back in the groove. You’re meeting regularly again, after taking it easy over the summer. Your discussion times are lively, your prayer times are meaningful, and the snacks are tasty as ever. Things are firing on all cylinders again!

Here’s a question for you to consider; what did you miss most about your group over the summer months?

At your next small group, ask group members to think about that question. (Assuming, of course, that your group did not meet regularly.) The friendships? The support? The prayer time? The Christ-centered discussion? What did each person/couple miss most without their small group community?

While at first glance, this may seem a bit too touchy-feely, this question can give great insight into the true strength of your community.

When you go without consistent relationships that encourage, support, challenge, and stretch you, it’s easy to become stagnant. Complacency can set into your faith journey, your marriage, your parenting, etc. That’s where the power of doing life together in Christ-centered community comes into play—other believers call us to a better place. Others of like mind and heart want more for us, and they help us get there. They speak words of truth. They pray for us when we need it most. They deliver the love of the Father presented through familiar faces.

So ask the question, and learn something about those in your community. When you do, you’ll also help your group members realize and more deeply appreciate the immense value of your small group.