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A Child’s Right: A New Level of Organizational Transparency & Accountability

A Child’s Right is an amazing organization that has one simple mission:

To change the lives of vulnerable children in impoverished urban areas by providing clean, safe drinking water to orphanages, schools, children’s hospitals, street shelters and rescue homes.

They are unique from other water organizations for a couple of reasons:

  1. They focus on impoverished urban centers; an often overlooked area for clean water efforts.
  2. (The Reason for this Post) – They have just raised the bar for organizational transparency and accountability.

A Child’s Right is launching a new initiative and database today called ProvingIt! Through their website, donors will now be able to know precisely where their contributions are being used, as well as relevant details of each local site (e.g., the number of children served, water quality tests before and after, and monitoring findings) over time.

As an organization committed to long-term care and upkeep of water sources (in partnership with local leaders), your impact will be illustrated on their site via:

  • Explanation of how hygiene education programs increase the benefit of safe drinking water
  • Respectful photographs of the children served
  • Organization’s maintenance record and inventory for spare parts
  • Where they fail and what they learn when this happens
  • Any reported health data & effects
  • True costs (even if they vary from their original estimates)
  • Real-time reports of monitoring & evaluation
  • Water quality test results

This means that you will be able to track any disruption in service for the site(s) you support and how the organization responds. The good news is that they have a 99.3% success rate!

I believe that A Child’s Right is paving a new era of organizational transparency and accountability. Yes, they have just raised the bar in connecting donors to projects. I’m so proud of Eric Stowe and his team for leading this endeavor! Congrats!

Here’s a brief video from last year that describes their work:

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