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Don’t Meet With Me Without an Agenda

I took a meeting last week with a guy who’d waited for weeks to see me.  Nice guy who wanted to talk about a particular media project – at least that’s what I thought.  But once he came into my office, he had nothing to say.  He hadn’t done his homework, didn’t have questions prepared, and didn’t know how I could help.  We just sat there, doing small talk, and I finally had to ask, “How can I help you?”  “Why are we having this meeting?”

If you schedule a meeting with another professional to pitch a project, ask for advice, or whatever – come prepared.  Write up some questions, have an agenda, and know what you want the meeting to accomplish.

Better yet – email them ahead of time so the other person can prepare for the meeting.  It will be far more productive than just sitting around looking clueless.

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Phil Cooke is the founder and CEO of Cooke Media Group in Los Angeles (CookeMediaGroup.com) where his team helps church, ministry, and nonprofit organizations engage the culture more effectively through media. He's a filmmaker, media consultant, and author of "Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media."