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Why Less Clutter, Less Noise Makes Sense (in My Mind)

Your blog and your book are called “Less Clutter. Less Noise.” Why are these the key guidelines for good communication, in your mind?

Billy Graham said it best: “A generation ago, the question was ‘what is truth?’ Today, the question is ‘what’s the point?’” People are busy, skeptical, bombarded, and life is hard. They’re looking for answers that make a real difference in their lives. The value we provide grows in direct proportion to how easily people can find and say yes to their next step.

Fortunately for me, my pastor Mark Beeson set the stage when he planted our church 25 years ago with Granger’s mission statement: “Helping people take their next steps toward Christ . . . together.” Since that time, he has led from the front with the wisdom of deliberate simplicity, communicating over and over that people experience life change one step at a time.

(Excerpt from Ministry Matters Interview | 5 in series of 6)