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StartingUp Now – A Helpful Tool for Entrepreneurs

Many people have a dream of starting a business, but very few actually act upon that well. Quite honestly, many just don’t have the business know-how to start. The reality is that a good idea alone never started a company. This is why I was excited to come across a new resource called StartingUp Now, created by my friend L. Brian Jenkins, who is also the founder of Entrenuity.

StartingUp Now provides a simple solution for first-time entrepreneurs, youth or adult, to create a business plan integrated with a content/social-networking platform called the StartingUp Now Skill Center (SUSC) to assist entrepreneurs in launching their businesses successfully. Their goal is to help the individual or community with no prior business background and challenges in accessing resources and tools necessary to start a business.

Here are some distinct qualities of the resources being created by StartingUp Now:

  • Quality service and tools that assist those with no prior business knowledge or experience.
  • Expertise in working with urban, minority, and under-resourced people and communities.
  • They don’t teach entrepreneurship. Their focus is to help you complete a business-plan and start an operational business. (Key word here: START)
  • Work is values-based and aimed to train for change.
  • Goal is to equip others to create their own opportunities and develop skills leading to greater viability of people in positively impacting their communities for lasting change.

If you have any interest in starting a business, this resource will be a great first step! Take a moment and check out their website.

Cheers to your new venture!

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