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How We Addressed Our Growing Connection and Communication Gaps as a Church

We launched the Table at Granger last fall. Since then, I’ll regularly get emails and voicemails from other churches wondering why we made the choice, how we rolled it out and what’s happened since the launch. Last week, I took some time and answered all the FAQs over on the Table blog. Hope it’s helpful.

  • Part 1: Why did you feel Granger needed its own private social network? What made you pick the Table? How did you get leadership buy-in?
  • Part 2: What kind of response has the Table received at Granger? What’s your favorite feature of the Table so far?
  • Part 3: What do you think are some things that helped your launch be so successful? What kind of roadblocks did you run into post-launch and how did you deal with them? You guys do a ton with Facebook. Is the conversation different on the Table? How so?
  • Part 4: Resources…links to our launch communication plan, teaching clip from launch weekend, welcome video, Table video and landing page.
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Kem is the Communications Director at Granger Community Church. Kem leads worskshops, speaks at conferences and blogs about finding ways to remove the barriers that keep people from connecting with Christ. Kem is also the author "Less Clutter. Less Noise."