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This Morning Something Amazing Happened!

This morning I had the most astonishing spiritual experience.

I was sitting on my couch, sipping coffee, my ESV Study Bible spread on my lap. My furnace purred quietly, providing steady background noise, and everyone else was still asleep. After several minutes of reading my Bible, I took a moment to pray. And then it happened:

God heard my prayer.

Isn’t that incredible? The God who made the world, the stars, the galaxies, and the waters, heard me! The God who commands the angels and the snowstorms bent his ear and listened to my feeble, half-hearted prayer. The God who lovingly manages every facet of my life did not turn a deaf ear to my prayer. He heard it. It came before him. It affected him and moved him.

Even more astonishing, God has told me that he will act based upon my prayers. Woah,woah, woah. Back up and read that sentence again. God will act based upon my prayers. God will act based upon my prayers. God. Will. Act. Based. Upon. My. Prayers.

The World-Maker is ready to put his infinite power and wisdom to work on my behalf. In response to my prayers. In response to the simple act of praying. The King of Kings invites me to ask and petition and plead. It’s enough to stagger the mind. In Matthew 7:7 it says:

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

The God of staggering glory and greatness has made all his power and resources available to me. All I need to do is ask. To request. To humbly lay myself before him.

Why don’t I pray more? Why do I put myself through the misery of fear and doubt and worry, when it makes so much more to pray? E.M. Bounds was right when he said:

The little estimate we put on prayer is evident from the little time we give to it.

The reason that I pray so little is because I have a little estimate of prayer. I don’t see the true, world-altering nature of prayer. I fail to see how God really and truly moves through prayer. If I had a true view of how God works through prayer, I would be praying constantly. I would be constantly pleading and praying before the throne.

Do you have a true estimate of the explosive power of prayer?

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