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Man’s Process Vs. God’s Power

As many of you can perceive I have been walking through a pretty huge transformation in my life the last 5 weeks or so.
It has been an amazingly difficult and rewarding process.
I talk about Jesus way more.
I judge way less.
I love way harder.

In the midst of a spiritual transformation and renewal you can get so comfortable that you take your eyes off the goal. In my case that goal being Christ Jesus.
You trust in the process more than you trust in the power of Jesus.
This is when you will slip.
So while process is good…God’s power through His grace is the only agent that can maintain true change.

What do you do to keep your eyes on God’s grace on a daily basis?
Let’s share and help push each other towards that truth.

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Carlos Whittaker is an artist, pastor, thinker, experience architect, and social media junkie. Previously, 
Carlos served as Director of Service Programming at Buckhead Church in Atlanta, GA, one of the three campuses of North Point Community Church. Before that Carlos worked for 10 years as the Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts at Sandals Church in Riverside, CA. Carlos seeks to “disturb and disrupt the church as a whole.” He blogs prolifically at RagamuffinSoul.com.