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Stop Listening to the “Devil’s Advocate”

In every creative or leadership meeting there’s a “devil’s advocate.” No matter how great your idea, there’s always someone who pops in with “Let me just play the devil’s advocate for a minute…” And then proceeds to trash your concept. This will be a short blog, because here’s your answer:

Stop listening, and get him or her out of the room.  There’s plenty of hoops you’ll dance through and obstacles to overcome to make your idea happen, so the last thing you need is a “devil’s advocate” on top of all that. Most of these folks wouldn’t know a creative idea if it hit them in the head.  They’re not creative themselves, so this is their chance to get noticed.  So avoid them. Better yet – get them off the team and out of the room.

Creative ideas have a tough enough battle being born. Ditch the devil’s advocates in your life. Trust me – you don’t need them.