Jesus Despises Suffering

“To have an accurate, biblically balanced view of suffering, you must first say suffering is a bad thing.  Its existence points out all the things that are wrong with us and our world.  We live in a world that is broken and groaning under the weight of all the damage that the fall has done.  We should never look at all of this carnage and think that it is okay that people suffer.  Scripture calls us to be a community of compassion, motivated by love, and zealous to relieve or remove suffering whenever and wherever we can.  And the Bible promises that there will be a day when all this carnage will forever end, and we will be welcomed into a place totally free of any pain or suffering.” – Paul Tripp, Lost in the Middle

I appreciate this.  One thing we don’t say enough is that Jesus hates suffering.

He hates all that sin has done to his creation.  He hates suffering.  He hates all the misery sin has inflicted on people.

In his infinite power, he causes all things to work together for good to those he’s saved.  But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t despise suffering.  He doesn’t say, “Oh, it’s not so bad.  After all, I’m working it for good.”  Our afflictions are real.  Our anguish is real. When a teenager commits suicide, it’s devastating.  When a parent gets Alzheimer’s it’s tragic.

If you are suffering, know that Jesus hates it.  Jesus isn’t fine with it.  He has deep feelings compassion toward you.  Yes, he’s causing it all to work together for your good.  And he’s producing an eternal weight of glory for you through it.  But he grieves that you are in pain.  He is a sympathetic high priest.

Someday Jesus will banish sin, death and suffering and wipe every tear from our eyes. Because he hates suffering.  And he loves us.