Rhythm in Social Media

You may not think about it, but most of our lives generally run on some kind of rhythm. We get up around the same time most days. We fix coffee first thing in the morning. We have a task we do every Monday at work. We have a routine most weekends. We visit certain family every year at the holidays. There’s variance to frequency but the rhythm remains.

It’s not obvious we have a rhythm until something throws it off like when you jump to a new timezone or the kids are out of school for the summer or you get a terrible night of sleep. It’s when we experience being out of rhythm that we begin to see how much we prefer to be in our rhythm.

The Rhythm of Social Media

For a little over a billion people in the world one of the rhythms of their lives is to use Facebook. Chance are you’re one of those. I know I am and I have a rhythm there too. I tend to check it in the morning and occasionally through the day. I’m on Facebook less often during the nights and weekends. That’s my rhythm when it comes to Facebook. You have one too. So do your customers.

Some of the most successful clients I have are working rhythm into their own posts and updates. For some they post a question every Tuesday and a video every Wednesday. For others they create three blogs posts a week. Their fans, followers, and readers begin to pick up on the rhythm and start to match rhythm with the brand.

I’ve seen one client that tried to update their Facebook page randomly for a few months and then shifted to a strict rhythm after they didn’t get the results they hoped for. The result was amazing. People stepped in line to the cadence of the rhythm the set.

And that’s where your work comes into play. You can set a rhythm and you must keep rhythm. It will be lonely for a while but it won’t be like that forever. When you keep the rhythm steady and consistent you’ll be surprised at how the people you want to reach will begin to get tuned into what you’re doing.

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Bill Seaver founded MicroExplosion Media in fall 2007 and has been blogging since June 2006. Bill has consulted numerous organizations to help them understand and apply social media into their marketing initiatives. He's led seminars, corporate training sessions, and numerous social media campaigns to include blog strategy and development, Google AdWords, podcasts, online video strategy, widget development, social media marketing campaigns, blogger networks, and social networking campaigns.