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So Now We Know . . . an Innovator's Brain IS Different

More and more research seems to point to the fact that true innovator’s brains are actually different from other people’s brains. The big difference is that original thinkers – iconoclasts – innovators – whatever you want to call them, see the world differently than everyone else. Too many of us think “automatically” – in other words, we assume the way things should be, take a lot for granted, and don’t challenge our perceptions. 

But innovators don’t make those assumptions, and generally see the world the way it is. The secret of being an innovator is to bombard the brain with new experiences.

Force yourself to see the world in different ways. Travel. Meet new people. Think from different experiences. Live a life of novelty.

It’s no surprise many of our most innovative writers, artists, actors, filmmakers and more were a bit eccentric. They didn’t live their lives the way everyone else thought they should. Jesus was a great example of someone who lived outside other people’s expectations. As a result, these unusual people produce far more creative work because they refused to see “normal” as normal.

What’s your experience? Is there a routine you can break out of? What behavior can you shatter that would give you a new perspective on living?

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