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Going Analog: The Hunger for Connection

by Ken Rosentrater

As I drove through our quaint little harbor town the other day, the radio was playing away (Ah, radio – the nearly forgotten technology!). The hosts on National Public Radio talked about two websites. These sites are pitiful, yet are huge hits. I believe their existence says something about the human spirit. They expose our cultural deficits of genuineness, connection, and Agape love.

Here they are – see what you think:

We are Organic Beings

Something about digital is too clean, too slick. Without dispute our tools have extended our abilities and knowledge. They are draining, though. We are not binary, even when behavior sometimes says otherwise. We need touch, connection, interaction. Analog is more complex and slower, but it’s warmer.

I’m a fairly early adopter, not a Luddite by any means. Yet, I see why Luddites exist. Human need for connection is the same everywhere.

The Church is About Connection

The glorious Trinity is all about relationship. He made us in His image, so we are too.

There is such hunger for connection and affirmation. Sure, we have the snazziest technology ever, yet people are hungry and lonely. People want relationships.

Maybe we worship our screens. We can accomplish much but are often in isolation while doing so. Not every need can be met with another piece of technology.

I have the kind of relationships in my life that make these two websites utterly irrelevant and even silly to me. This means I am extraordinarily blessed. However, many obviously do not have what I have. Many do not have what you have. So, the sense of human need that drove the creators of these websites is not the tiniest bit silly.

Go analog. Go talk to someone. Go hug someone. Go give a due word in season. Stop typing and start talking once in a while.

Go analog today. And tomorrow. And don’t stop.

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