The Potential of Potential

Somewhere during my teen years I heard the quote, “Potential means you haven’t done anything yet.” What I like about that quote is that it doesn’t lean on past success or recent accolades or affirming words as if to lull you into thinking that somehow that was enough and you can relax now because it’s all good. You may have crossed one finish line but there are more still ahead.

The phrase is optimistic about the future but realistic about its uncertainty and pragmatic about our role. We must do something. That’s what it implies. Of course we can sit and be full of unused potential or we can go and see what will become of it.

If you don’t think you have potential that’s a whole other conversation, but if you do think you have potential then go.

Pull the trigger.

Press the start button.

Turn the ignition.

Punch the gas pedal.

Go and see what you can do with all that potential.