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10 Things You Can Do with Your Old Tablet

by Kelvon Yeezy

The tablets industry is developing very fast over the past few years. With amazingly new tablets that are being released on the market, you’ve possibly been forced to grab yourself a newer device. Well, it makes a perfect sense. Whether you are tired of your old tablet or you need to use a more sophisticated device it turns hard to resist to the urge of upgrading from it.

Then, what will happen to your old tablet?

The old one will probably stay unused. The forgotten device will remain buried with dust in your drawer while there are great ideas you can implement to prevent it from going to a waste. If you are still clueless about what you can still do, we’ve compiled a list of 10 cool ideas:

1.  Transform It into a Portable Multimedia Player

Battery life has always been an issue for most tablet users. You don’t feel comfortable when you see your tablet dying halfway needing some recharge. Give some little break to your new tablet and use the old one as your portable multimedia player. It’s the right time to retire your new tablet or whatever device you use to play media, and enjoy your old tablet instead. Even though it’s an old one, it has a decent storage space, processor and memory.

2. Customize It into an E-reader

If you have been craving an e-reader then here is your chance to get yourself one. You can turn your old tablet into a basic e-reader and it won’t be necessary to spend money on buying an Amazon Kindle or any other e-reader. You just need to install a reading app depending on your tablet’s operating system. Kindle App can be a suitable app for a better reading experience. It’s available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

3. Convert It into a Navigation Tool for Your Car

There is no need to buy an in-car GPS navigation system while you old tablet can provide you with basic functionality of GPS. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to use your new tablet while you can resurrect the old one. Downloadable satnav apps, like, TomTom for both iPad and Android tablets can assist you to turn your old tablet into a stand-alone GPS navigator for your car.

4. Turn It into a Cool Gaming Device

If you are a gamer or a gaming enthusiastic turning your tablet into a cool gaming device can be the coolest idea for you. You may have experienced some gaming limitations with the touch interface when using a tablet. And, perhaps, you are not so comfortable when using it to play games.  For a better gaming experience and fun you can hack an external hardware and make your old tablet a cool gaming tool.

5. Turn it into an Expensive Teaching Tool

Nowadays, new ways are being implemented to diversify and improve today’s form of education. Using tablets is one of them. In classrooms, if you are a teacher, your old tablet can be pretty useful. You can turn it into a tool to teach your students more effectively, make media-rich types of presentations and ditch the whiteboard.

6. Turn It into a Dedicated Remote Control

With the fast advancements of technology over the past years, nowadays we can enjoy the comfort of home automation systems. Your tablet can be an optional device to channel the smart automation system in your home. Moreover, it can be used as a tool to take control of the lighting, security, cameras, TV, and sound system of your home.

7. Custom Toy for Your Kids

Kids are amazed with technology. When they see you using a tablet, they feel jealous about it and surely they want one too. To please them, you are forced to share your new device. You would not feel comfortable letting your kids hog it while there is a forgotten one inside your drawer. Take it back to the game, transform into a kids’ toy and keep them entertained.

8. Make a Difference

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Your old tablet may be useless for you, but there are people who will find the device as a valuable tool. If you are that type of person who cares about others and carries the innate to give away your stuffs, you might consider donating your old tablet.

9. Sell It

If you want some money in return, you can consider selling your old tablet. On the internet, selling products online has never been as easy as it is nowadays. Platforms like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and other marketplaces can help you sell your stuffs with ease and flexibility. You can make a fine profit depending on the condition of your tablet and your negotiation skills.

10. Recycle It

In case you are a first-gen iPad owner, you can recycle your device. Apple has started a recycling program that allows the owners to recycle old devices. If you are not using your tablet anymore you can register for this program. You simply have to inform them about your old device. Once they approve it, you get an apple store gift card to purchase a brand new product at the Apple Retail Store.

There are many creative ideas and uses for your old tablet. Despite being old, it is still useful and packs great specs. Take it out of the drawer, install some cool apps, transform it into a new machine and give it a new life.

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