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5 Things Worship Leaders Should Stop Saying From Stage. Like Right Now, Please.

I’m a full-time worship leader. It’s how I pay my bills.

I travel to churches, jump around on stage, and sing Jesus songs.
I think I’m pretty good at it.
But Lord knows there are times I watch the tape back and have a come to Jesus moment with myself.
These are all things I and 1000′s of other worship leaders have said and probably will accidentally say again while onstage that need to go away.

1. “Are you guys excited to be here this morning?!!!”
Clue phone… Maybe 10% of them are. And the 2 hoots and hollers back at you should not warrant the next item on this list…

2. “C’mon guys! You can do better than that! I SSSAAAAIIIIIDDDD…. ARE YOU GUYS READY TO WORSHIP THIS MORNING?!!!!”
First of all, now you are just guilting them into a scream. Second of all, you changed the freaking question. Which didn’t help. Now everyone is just rolling their eyes at you.  Third of all, quit trying to convince them that singing is the only way to worship.  K thanks.

3. Any sentence with the word BIRTH in it.
“This song was birthed here in our church”…”I pray revival is birthed from this church”… ect.
Birth should be saved for hospitals and bath tubs in hippies homes. Not for describing your songwriting process.

4. FatherGod
“Dear Father God, we pray Father God that you Father God come and rescue us Father God…”
Pick one. You’re not getting credit for the word count in your prayer. Father, or God. He gets it.

5. Praying the words to the next worship song…
“Father God, I ask that you give us 10,000 Reasons to love you right now.” “Lord Father God Lord, You are greater, stronger, higher than any other… Remind us of that right now.”
If you want to introduce the song, don’t do it when you pray.