My 36 Hours as an Atheist

There is so much I learned during my 7 days being unplugged from the world.
I’m not even going to try and pull off a blog post about it but I am sure it will slowly leak out into my writing for years to come.
One thing I did realize while I was away was that I honestly don’t believe God ever intended us to know Him outside the confines of a local church and our back porch.
It took me 3 entire days to unlearn everything I have learned about who God is just to get back to the center of who He is.
All the books, podcasts, conferences, sermons, and such have taken away the very essence of our faith.
I’m not saying these things are bad. No. In fact I have grown spiritually from many of the things I have just listed.
But what I am saying is that most of it has put the BS in your Bible Study.
We were created for a simpler life than what we are living.
Our faith deserves focus. And less is more in my opinion.

There was a 36 hour period during my week away that I was an atheist.
It was horrifying and freeing and confusing and the such.
I’m sure I wasn’t a true atheist by definition but all I know is that I started realizing that 90% of what I had placed on the shoulders of my faith were simply nothing more than the opinions of other men and women.
And In order to get back to the center of my faith I had to take all that off.
And boy was it freeing.
And mortifying.
I cried, screamed, cussed, and wrestled with who God actually was.
But in the end the truth of God’s love for me won.
It did.
And I realized all that other stuff I was carrying around and calling my “faith” was actually someone else’s faith. Not mine.
So today ragamuffins,
I challenge you to put down the books, unsubscribe to the podcasts, stop staring at your twitter feed full of mediocre quotes by people like me, and get back to the core of Jesus.
He’s there, I promise.
Buried underneath all that other crap.
It’s better that way.