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What Social Media Requires (If You Really Want To Do It Right)

You can’t just do social media. You have to be what social media requires.

It requires that you actually care about helping your customers or are so good at faking it that people think you care.

It requires that you’re available.

It requires that you’re responsive.

It requires that you earn their attention and don’t just yell louder than the next guy.

It requires that you go keep innovating even if last year’s idea worked.

It requires that you seem like a decent person people might actually enjoy getting to know.

In short, it requires that you become something that might not be very comfortable for you. Heck, it might just be the opposite of what you or your organization are know for. Available, caring, responsive, attentive, innovating and decent people will win with social media. They are winning. It’s already happening. The rest are just doing some things with social media platforms and having moderate success.

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Bill Seaver founded MicroExplosion Media in fall 2007 and has been blogging since June 2006. Bill has consulted numerous organizations to help them understand and apply social media into their marketing initiatives. He's led seminars, corporate training sessions, and numerous social media campaigns to include blog strategy and development, Google AdWords, podcasts, online video strategy, widget development, social media marketing campaigns, blogger networks, and social networking campaigns.