Dear Blue Collar Church Pastor

You are wondering if God is still with your church because attendance has not only stayed the same, but declined over the last 5 months.
God is with you.

After reading your Facebook feed filled with pastors who baptized 200 yesterday… You wonder if your 5 baptisms in 2013 are even significant.
Stop wondering. They are.

You are bummed because not only will you never be invited to speak at a conference, you can’t even afford to go to one cause they cost more than your monthly tithes…
You are worth more than you know.

Your twitter feed is filled up on how “God Is Moving” because other churches are growing in numbers.
Amway meetings grow in numbers too. God will move if you are faithful. Don’t measure His “movement” by their numbers. Let Him measure. You simply obey.

You work full-time somewhere else and can only pastor your church part time because the tithes can’t support you yet…
Guess what? You are more connected in your communities than most pastors who never leave their church buildings.

You have pastored a church for 50 years and you have 50 members left.
Revival is coming.

You are the antithesis of hip, sexy, and cool.
God doesn’t shop at Urban Outfitters. Be you.

You got this.