Worship Leader or Sunday Singer

It’s been years that I have been struggling with this term.
I know what is meant.
But seriously?
That is a pretty arrogant term.
Arrogant because the job that it describes is something I would only deem Billy Graham and St. Francis assume.
Not me.
But I get it.
And it is one that I use almost daily.
So yes, I’m spittin’ out of both sides of my mouth.
But if one is truly a “worship leader”, music on a Sunday morning should be .002% of their job.
You smell what I’m stepping in?
Check this…
A few years back I had 2 run ins with a super duper “famous” worship leader in the span of 3 weeks.
In those 2 chance meetings I saw this super duper” famous” worship leader be a complete ass to the sound guy before he got onstage and sing to the Holy of Holies.
All the while thinking about the sound guy at the board who is patiently moving faders.
What was he thinking?
I know what he was thinking.
He was thinking that this is a bunch of $@#!@$ and that “famous worship leader” has all these people fooled.
And yes. I’ve been a jerk to a sound guy before.
But that was the moment where I first thought…Um….

So for those of us that do what I do, is this a biblically appropriate term for our calling?
If yes, why? If not what?