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Why Aren't We Taking the Digital Mission Field Seriously?

Since Facebook passed the billion member mark about two years ago, it’s become (by population) the 3rd largest country in the world – somewhere between the United States and India. In that scenario, the question for the Church becomes “Who’s sending missionaries to that country?” Or “Who’s planting churches in that country?” Certainly many churches, ministries, and their leaders have a social media presence, but are we really thinking deeply about how we can engage this new “digital mission field” with our message?  Other than trying to amp up our “likes,” how many organizations have a strategic plan for evangelism through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

I believe it’s time to shift from primarily thinking about missions in terms of geographical boundaries, and start thinking in terms of digital boundaries.  What do you think? From my perspective, that’s a massive country just waiting to hear our message. Why are we sitting on the sidelines?

Any ideas out there for making that happen?