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Everything Is Marketing Now: A Poem

If your warranty’s lacking
If your service is bad
If your product keeps breaking
Or your trucks just look sad
You might want to know
A new day is here
When all that you do
Can be praised and revered


Shattered and torn
Can you stop the bleeding?
A subject of scorn
Your customers leaving

What happened you say?
When dawned this new day?
It’s been here a while
It’s not going away

The mass media flipped
It’s now owned by the masses
People can speak up
And prove where the mass is.

The people have power!
The deer now have guns!
Mothers can hit back
Should your brand harm their sons.

Everyone can publish.
Anyone can post.
A guy with an audience
Might surprise you the most.


If your fish is too fishy
If your chair is too cherry
If your hare is too hairy
If your bear is too berry
You need to be wary.
It’s time to learn how
Your business must change
Since everything is marketing now.