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When (If Ever) Is It OK to Criticize Other Christians?

I’m not sure if this puts my salvation in doubt, but here’s a link that’s absolutely must see. It’s a compilation someone posted on the “5 Worst Christian Videos on the Internet.” Now these are truly award worthy. I’ve seen some terrible things – and you could probably add a few more – but these are really bad. So while we hate to criticize other believers, the question becomes – when someone puts up a performance (or anything else) online for the public, is it OK to evaluate it?

Most of my readers would agree that there are plenty of really poorly produced Christian radio, TV programs, movies, and websites. In fact, I would dare say that some of these are driving more people away from the gospel than drawing them in. But at what point do we raise the bar? When can we call people to a higher standard? When can we state the truth that something really stinks?

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