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Christian Tomatoes: The Christian Rip-Offs Continue

I wrote recently about “Godinterest” – the Christian social media site that’s a rip-off of Pinterest. Before that it was “Christian Chirp” – the rip-off of Twitter (notice that the site has been terminated, and the owner cites my post as one of the reasons.  I had no idea I was a member of the “Christian elite.”) I could continue, but the latest seems to be “Christian Tomatoes,” the Christian movie review site that’s (you guessed it) from the highly successful secular movie review site “Rotten Tomatoes.”  In all honesty, I’m sure the creators (or copiers) from all these sites have good intentions and mean well in the effort.  I certainly am not criticizing them personally.

But why do we continue to base our creativity on the success of secular models? Why can’t Christians set the standard anymore? Here’s an idea: What if Christians stepped out of the bubble and actually created something so good the secular world ripped it off?

Who knows?  It might even make them interested in hearing our message…..

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