Bass Walkdowns in Worship

For example, in the key of C, look at the F/G chord.That “shape” is a “moveable shape”.If you move that shape up 2 frets, it becomes a G/A, which sets you up for the key of D.It’s a great shape to use when you’re modulating from one key to another.Another moveable shape that will serve you well is the A/C# in the key of D.Move it up and down the neck and figure out what chord you’re playing.Bb/D, C/E, etc.Go ahead and try them.Ouch!!It’s tough at first.The guitar is a very physical instrument.Take heart.Your hand muscles will grow stronger through repetition, so keep practicing.

Start with the easiest key, C, and progress to the hardest key, E. If you are striving to be a better guitar player, I truly believe this is time well spent. Learning these walkdowns will prepare you to play hundreds of songs and enable you to enjoy your instrument more fully. “Play skillfully…..” Ps. 33:3

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