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(How To) Bring the Back Row To the Front Row

One of the great things about having big screens in church is they have the potential to allow the people sitting in the back rows to be able to see as well as people in the front.

Unfortunately, many churches do not utilize this powerful communication tool to its fullest potential.

Why Does It Matter?
Church is all about communicating the greatest message on earth, and countless hours are invested in creating the weekend service. So it makes sense to do everything possible to make sure your service programming hits its intended target – the human heart. Moving information from the head-to-the-heart takes careful preparation and the right tools, and your big screen is one of the most powerful tools your church has to accomplish this mission.

7 Ways to Tap the Power of BIG Screens

  1. Grab a seat on the back row. Have a staff member or volunteer sit on the back row during your service. Ask them to observe what they can see well on stage, and what is hard to see. This fresh perspective may help your church better hit its communication target.
  2. Bring the back row to the front row.  The farther someone sits back from the stage, the more likely they will be distracted during the service. Between them and the stage lie a sea of distractions. Every hand movement, cough and wiggle, of a person between them and the stage has the potential to pull their eyes (and heart) away from what is being communicated on stage. To better hit your communication target, utilize the power of your big screen.
  3. Add a video camera to the mix. Video cameras make it possible to zoom in closer to the action on stage. This allows people farther back from the stage to see better, resulting in them not being distracted as much.
  4. Give the pastor a close up. The #1 questions church visitors have is “Who is the pastor?” Helping people see the pastor better not only is good for the visitors, but it helps people stay engaged in the message. When they are more engaged in the message, they hear more, learn more, and grow more spiritually.
  5. Capture the power of expressions.  When a person in the congregation can see the facial expression of the person on the stage (even on the back row), it increases the effectiveness of your communication. The results are that people learn more and take more of the message back out into the community when they leave.
  6. Don’t forget the babies. Baby dedications are so precious… unless you are not near the stage and cannot see them! Use your big screen to bring those precious feel good moments and cute babies to those sitting father back from the stage.
  7. Add a second camera. Having a 2nd camera close to the stage not only allows you to get close ups of the worship musicians and all the action, but it adds variety to the viewers in the congregation helping them stay engaged in the service.

Your big screen is one of the most powerful communication tools you have in your church. Tap its power and your communication will hit its intended target.

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Barry Whitlow is a Church Growth Consultant and pastor specializing in visitor attraction & retention; how to cast vision to keep giving momentum high; church growth through guest services; and capital campaign fundraising.