How to Become a Daily Worshiper

In 500 words, I’d like to tell you how to take your worship to the next level. Before you click away thinking I’ve lost my mind, hear me out. I believe this 3-step approach will increase your awareness of worship in personal and corporate worship.

Ready? Here we go. 

The 1st step in this process is a simple one-you have to choose to become a daily worshiper.

I know we worship during our Saturday or Sunday services, but becoming a daily worshiper means finding a specific time on all the other days to bring our worship before the Lord. And if you can’t find time, that may mean you need to make the time.

This will look different for all of us. For me, I find space in my day to worship by shutting out the noise around me, and spending a few minutes praying, and reading God’s word. Many days I worship and offer praise by thanking God for His goodness and faithfulness. The Bible tells us in Psalm 22:3 that God inhabits the praises of His people-so when we praise and worship Him, it means we are inviting God’s presence in our lives.
So, why wouldn’t we want His presence in our lives every single day?

Just because we are called music director, worship leader, worship pastor, or artist, doesn’t automatically qualify us as a daily worshiper. That’s something we must deliberately choose to do, and it’s a choice we can’t afford to skip over.

The 2nd step in our decision to become a daily worshiper is to follow through with number one.

Have you ever joined the Y? Cross Fit? Curves? Choosing to join is the first step, but joining isn’t what gets the results. Results come from using the equipment consistently. Saying we are a member of the YMCA is one thing. Using the machines is another.

It’s much the same when we choose to live a life of worship. Becoming a worshiper takes relationship. Relationships take time. Choosing a life of worship is important, and at first, getting there may sound simple enough. But it’s not…It takes desire. You have to want it. Becoming a daily worshiper means planning and organizing our priorities to carve out deliberate time each day to pray, meditate, and spend time with the Lord. How? That’s really up to you. Again, it’s a decision we can’t afford to miss.

Finally, the 3rd and final step in our decision to become a daily worshiper is a simple suggestion. Write this down: I am becoming a daily worshiper. Now say it.

Consider posting this statement in several places where you will see it every day. Post it where you can read it while you brush your teeth. Post it in your car. Post it on the fridge. And, every time you see it, say it out loud. Habits usually form when we spend 30 days focused on a specific thing. Why not start today? What should those 30 days look like? Try it and see. I could tell you what I think, but that may not be how God intends you to worship Him. Regardless, you can’t afford not to make this a priority.


For Regi Stone, worship is not just music, it’s what he lives and what he shares with others. He works with a creative team at to develop resources for church ministries. Regi lives in Nashville with his wife Kim and their two children. You can find him on Twitter at and read his blog at