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5 Ways the Congregation Uses Mobile Tech During Church

When I think about the current state of the technological field, I reminisce on the days of chiseling out writing on stone, readying the papyrus and grabbing my quill. OK, not really, but it’s fun to think about. Just look at where we have come as a culture in the past 100 years, or just 25 years, and you’ll realize that technology is advancing rapidly.

That technology is what makes our days and sometimes breaks them when our devices don’t work. All that to say: Technology is amazing. And the vast majority of our congregations are using tech on any given Sunday morning.

Have you ever looked across your sanctuary to check out what is going on with the congregants? You’d be surprised at the amount of people who are currently using a mobile device.

I think we can tell why people may not lug around their notebook computer or their desktop with them wherever they go. It’s simply not convenient.

But there are lots of folks on their mobile devices (tablets, smart phones, iPod Touches) on Sunday mornings. What are they doing?

Here are five ways I see mobile devices being used on Sunday mornings:

1. Time. In place of a watch, we have reverted to our mobile device as our clock. This is especially important for making sure that the service runs smoothly.

2. The Bible. Without the need to carry around our Strong’s concordance, Dake Bible and English Standard Version, we have an app(s) that contain all of these great resources and more.

3. Photos/Videos. For capturing those amazing moments in worship, those funny stories in sermons and the great talks with friends after service.

4. Note-taking. Maybe someone has a great app for jotting down some notes. Or perhaps they’re writing a blog post regarding the sermon.

5. Games. I know, I know. It does happen, though. Little kids, young teens, you, me and that guy in front of you.

For clarification, these are not in any particular order. They are simply a few that come to mind.

How do you see mobile devices being used on Sunday mornings?