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Outdoor Games for Youth: 13 Activities Kids Will Love

8. Paint Slip ‘n’ Slide

Prepare to get messy with this craft-and-game combo. Have everyone wear white clothes to be used as paint canvases. Set out a long plastic sheet, as you would for Slip ‘n’ Slide. But instead of water, squirt the plastic with various colors of paint. Then have kids take turns sliding through and creating unique fashions.

9. Crowd-Surf Water Relay

Grab an air mattress or a swim raft. Tell kids they’re going surfing! The “surfee” tries to keep a pitcher of water filled while being surfed across group members’ upraised arms. Play this on a hot day, as kids will most definitely get wet!

10. Kitchen Sink Badminton

Reimagine the summer classic game by using a wide assortment of items as rackets. (Anything but the kitchen sink!) Also get creative with what you use for a birdie and net. When you keep score, add extra points for creativity.

11. Glow-in-the-Dark Dodgeball

Prep some large bouncy balls so they glow brightly. Then take your youth group outside at night for dodgeball in the dark. For extra shine, kids can wear glow bracelets or necklaces.

12. Kickball: Summer Edition

Line base paths with long plastic sheets. Then turn on hoses or sprinklers and play ball! This hot-weather version of kickball will bring out the little kids in teenagers.

13. Water Balloon Volleyball

Supplies for this version of volleyball include a net, beach towels, and lots of water balloons. Partners each grab an end of a towel, place a filled balloon on top, and attempt to fling the balloon over the net. The opposing pair tries to return the balloon over the net with their own towel—without getting soaked.

Enjoy all these fun outdoor games for youth!