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10 Youth Bible Study Topics to Explore With Teenagers

6. Jesus’ death and resurrection

The events—and implications—of Holy Week and Easter deserve more than just a one-week focus. Take teenagers on a deep dive into Jesus’ journey to the cross and his triumph over death and the devil. Begin each lesson with a fun icebreaker or game. (Bonus points for handing out Easter treats afterward!)

7. The Holy Spirit

The third Person of the Trinity tends to be the least understood, especially among young people. So devote a Bible study to the Holy Spirit’s characteristics, work and gifts. At the end, have teenagers complete a spiritual gifts inventory, and then put all those gifts to immediate, practical use for God’s kingdom.

8. Forgiveness

Sin, confession, forgiveness and repentance all make great youth Bible study topics. Have kids anonymously write down questions beforehand, and then select a few at random near the end of each lesson. Also let teens try out some object lessons that demonstrate how completely God forgives us.

9. Fruit of the Spirit

Explore all the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) with teenagers, possibly as a summer Bible study series. Bring a different fruit-related snack to every session, and be ready for “fruitful” discussions about the role of each fruit in Christians’ lives.

10. Apologetics

Young people need to know why they believe and to claim their faith as their own, not just as their parent’s or youth pastor’s. They also need to hear that doubts and questions are okay, as well as what resources are available to assist. A teen-friendly Bible study on apologetics is a solid way to reinforce key truths and strengthen kids’ faith.

What other great youth Bible study topics do you recommend?