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Christian Skits for Youth: 5 Free Dramatic Ideas to Try With Teens

4. Wake Up! The Harvest Is Ready!

This 5- to 10-minute skit for youth is about the importance of sharing the Good News with others. It’s great for promoting mission outreach.

Synopsis: Sarah sees that the Harvest is ready and announces this to the sleepy villagers in the town. They all refuse her invitation to “Wake up!” even though “The Harvest is ready!”, giving silly excuses. Finally Sarah prays, asking the Lord to send more workers into his harvest field. Then, one by one, the villagers show up, ready to go to the harvest. At the end, everyone says, “Wake up! The Harvest is ready!

This is a very simple skit that helps us realize it’s important to share the Gospel with others. It also helps us confront some excuses we make for not doing so. The skit encourages us to recognize that the fields are ready for harvest, just as Jesus said in John 4:35.

Use this skit to help motivate others in your congregation to reach out with the Gospel to people around them. This is an easy skit to translate into other languages, and please feel free to do so.

5. Cover 2 Cover

This 12- to 15-minute skit for teens is about applying Bible truths to our lives.

Synopsis: A man enters a store named Cover 2 Cover and finds it to be anything but ordinary! People with problems call or come in, and “Bible Verses” are dispatched in answer to their concerns. The man learns how the Bible has applicable verses that help in our everyday lives.

In the skit, teens portraying the “Bible Verses” occasionally run on stage and shout their assigned verses, to help someone in need. The finale calls for the cast to be onstage together, saying Bible verses as a group.

The Original Version was written as a church skit for youth to present for their families. The Short Version is essentially the same story but involves fewer kids and less memorization. No matter which version you choose, “Cover 2 Cover” is a fast-paced comedy and a great witness of God’s faithfulness through his Word, the Bible.

Usage Policy for these Christian Skits for Youth

You are free to use these Christian skits for youth as you see fit in your ministry. There is no fee or charge. If you have a printed program, please list the author’s name and the date of copyright next to the name of the skit. Please see our official USE POLICY.

You’re welcome to change a few lines or add a character or two. The only difference may be in how you give credit for who wrote the skit:

  • If the changes you make are minor (adding a few lines, adding or subtracting a few characters, etc.) then, as always, please just make a note in your printed program of the skit’s author and its copyright date. (Example: “By Sharon Kay Chatwell, copyright 2017.”)
  • However, if you make MAJOR CHANGES (adding or deleting a scene, adding a lot of new jokes, or changing the overall message of the skit) then please note in your printed program that the skit is “Based on the Original Skit by…” and give the author’s name and the copyright date. (Example: “Based on the Original Skit by Sharon Kay Chatwell, copyright 2017.”)

God bless you as you search for just the right church skits for youth. And as they used to say in drama class, “Break a leg!”

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