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Youth Christmas Party Ideas: 18 Festive Holiday Celebrations

10. Lyric Challenge

For this super simple game, select one teen and start playing a Christmas carol. When the music stops, he or she must belt out the rest of the lyrics. Kids can’t just speak the words; they must sing aloud for all to hear.

11. Carol Confusion

Put headphones on a teenager. Play a fun Christmas song really loudly, and encourage the listener to sing along. Hilarious moments will ensue, so be sure to film this game!

12. Festive Flash Mob

Ask an outgoing student to coordinate a Christmas flash mob. Film it and then post it on social media.

13. Seasonal Scavenger Hunt

Use creativity and humor for this idea. You can try it during youth group or send directions home for a family activity.

14. Christmas Light Lookout

Make a list of silly categories and themes, then invite small groups to take pictures of various light displays. Afterward, meet at a home or the youth room to review the photos and enjoy hot chocolate.

15. Merry Movie Night

Elf is a perennial favorite. Recently we added the two Prep & Landing short films.

16. Christmas Quotes

Find or make a list of quotable lines from Christmas movies and turn them into a name-that-movie game (“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!”).

17. Box-Office Bethlehem

Create a message series using illustrations from Christmas movie clips.

18. Year in Review

Make a Flipagram-style video of your youth group pictures from the past year (camp, retreats, mission projects, and so on). If you have the resources, create small books to give to group members as gifts.

Avoid Christmas Grinch face and enjoy this special season with teenagers. Yes, make space for fun, with wacky youth Christmas parties. But always stay focused on the Gift of Jesus. After all, he brings the true comfort and Christmas joy that will warm all hearts.

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