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Gift Ideas for Youth Pastor: 8 Ways to Show Your Appreciation

4. Fruitful service

Send the youth pastor a fruit basket, complete with a note about how he or she displays the fruit of the Spirit. Or set out trays of fruit at a reception in between worship services on Sunday. Also provide blank cards and pens so congregants and young people can write thank-you notes to the youth pastor or team.

5. Donations in their name

If your congregation’s youth pastor has a “no gift” policy, you still can show your appreciation. You just might need to get more creative! Consider making a donation in the youth pastor’s name to a favorite charity or cause. Or contribute to a special project that your church’s youth ministry is pursuing. Another fabulous option: Give money toward a scholarship so kids in need can attend an upcoming youth trip.

6. Sweet!

If your youth pastor has a sweet tooth, create a fun Candy Gram. Fill a sheet of poster board with candy bars to complete a message of love and affirmation.

gift ideas for youth pastor

7. The royal (decoration) treatment

Most teens love to decorate for special occasions. So enlist kids’ help to “spruce up” the youth pastor’s office or yard. Balloons, streamers, and signs all can create a celebratory, appreciative atmosphere. Getting “flocked” with plastic pink flamingos or paper sheep is also guaranteed to make a youth pastor smile…especially if kids stop by later to clean up the mess!

gift ideas for youth pastor

8. Recognition

When brainstorming gift ideas for youth pastor and staff, consider ways to recognize those Christian servants publicly. For example, submit the youth minister’s name to a local “community heroes” program. Some TV stations and newspapers accept ongoing nominations for local heroes, or individuals who go above and beyond to serve the community.

Also share kind words about the youth pastor with senior leadership at the church. You even can give five-star kudos to the youth minister on the church’s social media pages. Potential visitors who have tweens or teens may be more likely to attend your church if they hear it has a great youth program, led by loving leaders.

Share your gift ideas for youth pastor and staff in the comments below!

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