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Questions to Ask Youth About Faith: 30 Queries for Spiritual Growth

21. What makes it easy or difficult for you to talk about Jesus and/or your faith in him?

22. Which fruit of the Spirit (see Galatians 5:22-23) comes easiest to you? Which tends to be the most challenging?

23. Do you consider your faith to be your “own,” rather than that of your family? How is your faith different from that of your loved ones?

24. Where and when do you tend to pray? What would you like to change about your prayer life?

25. How do you deal with feelings of being abandoned by or disappointed by God? How do you deal with feeling as if you abandon or disappoint God?

26. Is worrying a sin? Why or why not?

27. What worries do you struggle with the most? And how do you handle them?

28. How do your friends help support you spiritually? How do they challenge (or hamper) you spiritually?

29. If everyone knew Jesus, how might our world be different?

30. What did you do today to be Jesus’ hands and feet? To whom did you show Jesus’ love, and how?

When it comes to questions to ask youth about faith, the list could go on and on. So please chime in and let us know your favorites!

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