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Boundaries for Teenagers: 16 Resources for Guiding Youth

6. Teaching Boundaries to Tweens

It’s never too early to start teaching boundaries to youth. Incorporate these concepts into your junior high and preteen lessons.

7. Teaching Boundaries for Teenagers

As you instruct kids about healthy boundaries, share this information with parents, too.

8. Physical Boundaries

Make sure teens know how to set boundaries for physical touch and safety.

9. Dating Boundaries

Even before teens date, they need to set biblical boundaries for relationships.

10. Boundaries Worksheet

This worksheet helps kids of all ages set and communicate their boundaries.

11. A Creative Approach to Boundaries

Visual learners and artists in your youth group will appreciate this boundary-setting technique.

12. Positive Boundary-Pushing

As teens grow older, encourage them to test their boundaries…in positive ways.

13. Consequences for Boundary-Breaking

For boundaries and limits to be effective, parents and authority figures must set consequences for when kids break them.

14. Tech Boundaries

In this digital age, boundaries regarding phones and other technologies are crucial.

15. Boundaries and Bullies

Discover how setting boundaries can help kids combat and even prevent bullying.

16. Best-Selling Boundaries Book

Dr. John Townsend‘s bestseller about boundaries is available in a teen edition.