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Interactive Bible Studies for Youth: 11 Options to Engage Teens

6. Seeing Is Believing?

For something totally new, consider this study series featuring a Christian illusionist. Teens won’t want to miss any sessions of this interactive Bible study series.

7. Small Group Options

Often it’s easier to encourage interactivity and participation in a small group of teens. Here are several free Bible study resources, including one on difficult feelings.

8. New Twists on Games

If your kids are getting bored, mix up the youth group games you play. As a bonus, offer small prizes (or privileges) to winners or winning teams.

9. A Book Full of Studies

If you need a whole bunch of interactive Bible studies for youth, consider this book. Either use the lessons “as is” or adapt them to meet your teens’ needs.

10. Active Lessons for Teens

Check out this website full of active Bible lessons that teens will enjoy and remember.

11. Video Studies for Youth

Although using screens each week probably isn’t ideal, you can use videos judiciously to teach important Bible truths.

What recommendations do you have for interactive Bible studies for youth? Please share them with your ministry colleagues in the comments below!