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Preteen Sex Talk: Addressing Biblical Sexuality With Middle Schoolers

“Listen to what Bryce is really saying,” advises Dr. Freda McKissic Bush, co-author of Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex Is Affecting Our Children. “Is this just a philosophy or a reality? I’d like to know if there’s been any sexual activity—straight or bi? Who are her peers or circle of influence? Remind Bryce of the basic principles of a relationship with Jesus. We should be more concerned about what Jesus thinks about us than what people think.”

If This Happens in Your Ministry

“Our thoughts determine our choices, and our choices determine our actions,” says McKissic Bush. “These actions mold our brains and emotions. Imprints are made in our brains that may take years of counseling to undo. Studies show that parents have more influence on kids than peers. Sadly, too many parents aren’t using their influence to guide and support their young people to make the healthiest behavior choices.”

Make your ministry a source for positive, healthy conversation and information, say McKissic Bush and Burns. Above all, design your programs and conversations so parents walk away equipped—and feeling equipped—to talk to their children.

“Parents admit they don’t have the skills (or courage) to have the conversations, so the job of the church is to come alongside parents and build them up to have continual dialogue with their kids about healthy sexuality from a biblical viewpoint,” says Burns. “Authorities agree that the best sex education comes from home. The more positive, value-centered sex education kids get at home, the less promiscuous and confused they are about their sexuality.”

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