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Evangelism Revisited: Rethinking Our Approach to Youth Ministry Outreach

After Jesus’ interaction with the woman at the well, he said his “food” was to do the will of the Father. What if that’s how we see evangelism? As a chance to “P.R.A.I.S.E. H.I.M.” as we share. Consider this helpful acronym:

  • Prayer: Seek God to learn what He’s doing in and around you. Prayer creates room in your heart and theirs for God to move.
  • Relate: Leverage your sphere of influence by leaning into the lives of nearby people you know who need Jesus.
  • Ask: Use intentional questions that help you get to know someone’s deeper values/beliefs.
  • Invite: Bring this person with you to church or an event where they’ll somehow be better exposed to Christ.
  • Suggest: Dare your friend to take the next step with God. Be specific, telling him or her what you think that next step is.
  • Empower: Encourage your friend with your words and follow-up resources you go through together.
  • Huddle: Bring other Christian friends around your friend, like a Bible study you participate in together.
  • Invest: Serve with your friend in a ministry or event to share the joy of making a difference with God.
  • Multiply: Together with your friend, commit to reach another person.

A New Look at Evangelism

I began this post by saying I have a lot to learn about evangelism “but not really.” I share this because one thing Greg Stier taught me is that we all already know “how” to do evangelism. We share about things we’re passionate about all the time, be it a restaurant, movie, sports team, or otherwise. Students and adults already are in the practice of sharing their excitement about everything.

What we’re trying to do is help teenagers see and experience the impact of sharing Jesus. Maybe we need to dare people to take steps toward this. For example, take your Bible with you everywhere you go for 30 days. Or maybe we need to be a prophetic voice into kids’ lives so they realize how God enables them to be that for someone else.

This article about evangelism in youth ministry originally appeared here.