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More Teens Smoke Marijuana than Cigarettes

Some of us at Fuller were a bit surprised by this article released last week describing research indicating that more teens are smoking marijuana than cigarettes. The most disturbing part of the article for me was this:

“‘Young people are increasingly seeing marijuana as not dangerous,’ said lead investigator Lloyd Johnston of the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research. When the proportion of teens who view marijuana as risky declines, Johnston says, use typically increases.”

I can’t help but wonder if some states’ (including California’s) ballot measures to legalize marijuana might have something to do with this.  Or if students are surrounded by so many high-risk behaviors that what used to seem “risky” doesn’t seem so risky now.

This week, in the midst of research like this that is a bit depressing, I’m so glad we get to point teenagers to Jesus.  He is the answer to the questions students are asking about themselves, their desires, and their fears.