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New Study: Texting in the Classroom

TextPlus, a mobile messaging app company, recently released the results of a study which indicates teen texting may have reached critical mass. The survey of teens concluded that 43% of teens text their friends and parents during classroom lectures. TextPlus director, Drew Olanoff, says this should not surprise educators. “It’s the new equivalent of passing notes, and that’s happened forever.” He continued, “Texting is the preferred method of communication for teens, and this is just how they’re integrating it into their daily lives.”  
Only 26% of the teens surveyed felt they were in the wrong for texting during class and nearly 80% of students said they had never been asked to put away their cell phones. What is most startling to me is that the company found two-thirds of the mobile users alleging that their parents text them “constantly” during class. 
Though many school districts in recent years have issued blanket bans on cell phone usage during classroom activities, other educators are leveraging their usage. AOL recently profiled spanish teacher Katie Titler who has students answer poll questions during her classes by texting in their responses. 

Editor’s Note:
I took a quick Twitter poll and found that while some youth workers leverage the use of cell phones during youth worship experiences, many youth pastors don’t permit the devices to be used. One youth worker even tweeted “we collect them and lock them in our offices!”  

Has texting gotten out of hand?  Do you permit texting during youth worship experiences? Share your thoughts.