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4 Things I Want New Kids to Know

This weekend, we’re doing one of those “invite your friend” weekends in our jr. high ministry. Over the last month we did a series called “Epidemic” about how the gospel spreads. We’re praying and hoping that students’ friends will come to our gathering and find a place that they’d be interested in returning to.

So – right smack in the middle of it, my buddy Wes and I are giving a super-short “talk” – and the content is basically “4 things we want 1st-timers to know.”

1- God is crazy about middle schoolers!
We’re sure of that, because God’s nuts about all people. Jr. highschoolers included!

2- The Bible is not a “normal” book.
Not like a schoolbook. Not like a “Twilight” novel. But awe-inspiring, amazing words straight from God to us.

3- Deep friendships make life better.
That’s why we do so much in small groups. Friends who really know you & support you are vital.

4- We like FUN.
Sometimes laughing & crazy fun hits the mark like nothing else.

I wonder what you’d add…or change…or improve?