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3 Reminders About Your Youth Ministry Calling

Youth ministry is a ministry of extremes, and in the good, bad and ugly of youth ministry you need to hold on to your sense of calling. Here’s why:

Your Calling Keeps You Humble
As much as you would like to take credit for it … it isn’t your youth ministry. You live it, you breathe it, you might even take a bullet for it – but “your” youth group doesn’t exist. Always remember that God has given you (and can take away) stewardship over a section of His Kingdom. When your ego gets in the way it is the beginning of the end. Remember your calling and acknowledge that it is all His, not yours.

Your Calling Keeps You Focused
We care deeply about our youth ministry, not because of what we’re building but because we are called to it. If something is broken, we want to fix it. If someone needs attention, we want to be there for them. We serve in youth ministry because we are called – giving it less than our undivided attention isn’t allowed.

Your Calling Keeps You Going
I (Josh) took a call from an upset parent this week. I had a hospital visit I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I did two tragic funerals this past month. But I also baptized a few students. I watched God break and build up a lost teenage girl. I had a front-row seat to lives being transformed all summer. And through it all, I remember that I am called to this. And, because I am called, God will give me the strength, wisdom and desire to continue on.

This week:

· Fight through the temptations to quit because of the gap between you and the leadership of your church. Remember you are called.

· Don’t be frustrated or distracted by church politics or over-dramatic parents. Remember you are called.

· If you’re out of youth ministry, and tired of being rejected by search committees. Remember you are called.

· Getting a big head about all that YOU are doing? Sorry, friend … it isn’t you. It is He who called you…working through you.

“God, use these incredible, called youth workers to change the students in their community and build Your Kingdom. May You work through each one of them in how You’ve gifted them this week. Fill them with your Spirit and thank you for calling us. Keep us humble … Amen.”  

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