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10 Reasons Training Is Good

I’ve been thinking deeply about different types of trainings available to those of us who serve Jesus and try to help kids and families.

I made of a Top 10 list of benefits connected to a time of “Get-Away-Training” (while there’s obvious value in any type of training, the opportunities that move you from your office/home setting have some additional value.)

Here’s my list of 10:

1. Rest:

I’m not referring to nap-type-rest, I mean rest from the “common-grind” of one’s daily routine.

2. Reflection:

It’s often difficult to reflect when you’re on the freeway of ministry and these opportunities allow you to pull over, slow down, stop… and reflect.

3. Renewal:

Usually because of “rest” and “reflection”… a sense of emotional/spiritual renewal appears.

4. Relationships:

I know some who primarily go to conferences just to see their friends (who they only see at these yearly gatherings).

5. Team-building:

My greatest memories with my team of leaders revolve around these times of “get-away-training”. You can’t put a price on this to define the depth of what happens to a team that gets away.

6. Learning:

Humble people learn—even from those they disagree with. The prideful don’t. Leaders are learners and when you stop learning you’ll eventually stop leading with strength.

7. Worship:

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to worship at my church (key word: “sometimes”) because I’m thinking of all I have to do, what I’m going to speak on, why the person pressing the lyric buttons can’t keep up, etc… Good, conference style worship provides me a breath of freshness that is good for my soul.

8. Resource-gathering:

I love seeing/hearing/browsing what’s out there and what others are doing.

9. Access to key thought leaders:

Books have shaped my life, but it’s tough to ask questions to books. I love being in settings where I can engage and learn with authors/thinkers who have inspired me. Personally, I’m super stoked to participate in dialogue with Barna & Daily (new President of Focus on the Family).

10. Fun:

When the “collective soup” of the above 9 ingredients are present… it’s just a fun experience.

There’s my reasons… what are yours? 

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