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How to Make Your Vision a Priority

One of the most difficult questions to answer as a youth minister is:

What would your community look like if your ministry did not exist?

The devil whispering in my ear wants to say, “It would look the same as it does now.” That’s doubt, and the evil one making sure I believe that my ministry is not having any effect at all. The way I combat the insecurities that come from negative thoughts is by focusing on the youth ministry’s vision.

With vision, your ministry has purpose; however, it’s not as simple as just writing one out. Your vision has to answer the question, “Why does your youth ministry exist?” and then you have to answer that question with your strategies and mission. But the way your vision is really going to take life is if you make it a priority by:

Knowing It Well: In order to achieve big vision you need to believe in it. That means memorizing and repeating it. There’s no point to just having a statement, it needs to be the very essence of why you exist.

Making It Visible: Big vision is accomplished when it becomes contagious. Share it in messages, emails, meetings and announcements. Make it visible for parents, teens, church members and, most importantly, your volunteers. People will invest in a ministry with vision because they see it has a purpose.

Celebrating It Widely: When you see moments of your vision accomplished, celebrate them like a mini win. Not only will this bring team unity, but enthusiasm around the process. The more you celebrate your progress, the more momentum you bring to the movement.

Using It As A Measurement Tool: Utilize the vision as a way to determine whether or not you are succeeding. This means examining what you do and asking yourself, “How does this fulfill the vision?” If it doesn’t, tweak the component or get rid of it completely. Use your vision as a way of measuring success.

Big vision means big risks, big challenges and big results. If you can rally your troops around the vision of the ministry, nothing will stop you. To obtain the best vision, spend time with God, ask Him for guidance and then unleash it. There is no better joy than seeing God’s vision come to life.

How do you make your vision big?