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12 Questions You Should Ask Before You Teach

This last Saturday, I was struggling with the message that I was going to teach on Sunday. That’s not unusual. Typically, when that happens, I ask Cathy (my wife) to read it and then help me wrestle with it until I feel better about it.

While she was reading it, I opened my journal and began to write down questions about my audience and my message. I thought a couple of these questions might be helpful to you. I just typed up my scribbles … these are not listed in order of importance:

1. Do I know my audience?

2. Am I aware of and understanding their pain?

3. Am I giving them hope?

4. Am I revealing some of my own struggles?

5. Am I clearly pointing them to Jesus?

6. To the best of my ability, am I teaching the scripture accurately?

7. Am I addressing the multiple types of faith represented? (i.e. (a) no faith, investigating, invited; (b) solid, disciple, follower of Jesus; (c) struggling, backsliding)

8. Am I genuinely excited to teach this message?

9. Do I really believe what I’m teaching?

10. Am I expecting Jesus to use this message to change lives?

11. Am I moving them to take some courageous action?

12. Am I walking/talking/abiding with Jesus so this is real and not just another talk?

As always, my wife was very insightful and added some great wisdom to my very fallible message.

What questions would you add to this list? I’m looking forward to learning from you.